Business Management Consulting

Businesses never stand still - they are always either growing or shrinking.  The key to being successful is to recognize and manage these changes to ensure long-term profitability.  U.S. Management provides a wide range of business management consulting services that can help companies flourish during the good times and survive during the bad times.

Strategic Planning

Unfortunately, many companies do not even have a strategic plan.  A strategic plan helps companies identify their short-term, intermediate, and long-term goals, and focus on what they need to do to achieve them.  Our philosophy is that strategic planning is a process that begins with communication and identification of goals, and results in a documented plan that is then continually reviewed, acted upon, and revised as appropriate.

Business process improvement/re-engineering

What are the most important processes your business or organization does?  Most people think in terms of their organization rather than their processes.  Even the largest companies can narrow down their list of critical business processes to just a handful.  Keeping in mind that an organization is built to support a process and not the other way around, we work to help you first identify and understand your critical business processes, and then work to optimize them through streamlining or re-engineering.


Product marketing is one of the most overlooked facets that often distinguishes successful businesses from unsuccessful ones.  We can help design a strategy that identifies critical marketing issues and sets the proper direction for your company.   Our approach starts with understanding the customer through market research, to analyzing the competition, developing a brand image, and creating a strategy that reaches the target market with proper message.

Operations analysis

Sometimes you just get used to doing things a certain way because that's the way they've always been done.  We take pride in being able to analyze things in unconventional ways, without any outside biases or pre-conceived notions.  We can also compare your company's methods to those acknowledged to be the best practices in the industry.  Many problems are obvious and just needed validating.  Others are symptoms or causes of something much larger that needs immediate attention.  We can help identify them before they get serious.

Organizational development

A company's most valuable asset is always its people.  People can make a company with a lousy product successful, or one with a good product a complete failure.   Corporate culture problems often lead to decreased productivity and higher employee turnover and absenteeism, which can put a company in a downward spiral.  We can help identify organizational problems and develop plans to create a happier and more productive workforce.

Financial analysis

Understanding your company's financial position is critical to survival in today's competitive business environment.  We can help you establish the proper accounting and measurement standards that can be used to generate meaningful financial statements, so that your financial condition and performance can be readily monitored and reported.   Once the proper reports can be generated, we can spot potential problems and issues that should be addressed by company executive management.

Feasibility and cost/benefit studies

Suppose you've got an idea for a new product that you think will greatly improve your market share in the industry.  First, you've got to determine whether there is demand for the product.  Then you need to find out whether the product can be developed, and at what cost.  And once the product is developed, how many can be sold and at what price?  New ideas can carry significant risk and reward.  We are experts in evaluating new products, and helping our clients understand all of the costs and benefits involved.

Project management

Leadership skills cannot be taught - you're either born with them or you're not.   For critical projects, it makes sense for them to be managed by people who have the experience and the skills to make them successful.  Many companies put people into project management roles who are very good doers but lousy managers.  At U. S. Management, we have people who possess the management and leadership skills to take on complex projects and carry them to successful conclusion.